is doing well at school. By the way, I saw Victor, your roommate, this morning. Mind (your, yours; my, mine) own business and I'll mind (your, yours; my, mine).

It hasn't worked for years. If one can not cope with the work load of college he or she immediately starts lagging behind. Dentist Priest, physiotherapist, accountant, civil servant, farmer. It's got to sound good to me inside. Match the expressions in the left column escuela de putas orientales tetonas with the collocated expressions in the right column: to be admitted to to read for to attend to make to present to pass to take to fail classes lectures seminars tutorials a report on the university an examination. Pattern: Ann's lost her keys. They're my favourite fruit. The teacher told us to spend five minutes. A: Lucy is very busy. I must go to the bank today. Begin your question with the word(s) in brackets. You (to pass) many towns and villages on your way before you (to arrive) in Moscow.

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The little one sleeps in its cradle, I lift the gauze and look a long time, and silently brush away flies with my hand.I put out my hand and caught a grasshopper, or rather a sort of locust.We put out our fenders, and the mate heaved a line into the waist of the wreck.

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