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a post method will be assumed; however, you are free to specify another method: echo Form:open(array url' 'foo/bar 'method' 'put. If you have an error in your form and puta española vicalvaro return withInput, this method trows errors because laravel cant put the individual items back in the text inputs. Route:post profile array before' 'csrf function / Form Model putas thailandesaw Binding, opening A Model Form, often, you will want to populate a form based on the contents of a model. Note: Since html forms only support post and GET, PUT and delete methods will be spoofed by automatically adding a _method hidden field to your form. First, simply register the macro with a given name and a Closure: Form:macro myField function return ' input type"awesome" Now you can call your macro using its name: Calling A Custom Form Macro echo Form:myField Generating URLs For more information on generating URL's, check out. First, a random token is placed in your user's session. Opening A Form, opening A Form! Try the button method.

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Note: Since, hTML forms only support post and GET, PUT and delete methods will be spoofed by automatically adding a _method hidden field to your form.You may also open forms that point to named routes or controller actions: Now, when you generate a form element, like a text input, the model s value.

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I have a same problem.Note: When using Form:model, be sure to close your form with Form:close!