Run tests for more details) Test Properties file Create a test properties file (e.g. Email: [email protected] - lead - analyst. The Flex client subscribes to that queue

and displays the values in real time.

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You can create classes using mxml or ActionScript. Operties in the apos, directory of your test project and add test data. Log final FileWriter logWriter new FileWriterlog logWriter. Configapos, suites list file To run your tests you have to create a simple text file with list of test suites to be run. When a message is enm putas published to a destination you subscribed. It does not need explicit permission. Both http and https are supported Instead of using the url property to specify a hardcoded URL.

Similarly, the instance of the ActionScript Product class passed as an argument to the update method of the RemoteObject is deserialized into an instance of the java version of the Product class at the server-side.Org is a great place to start to become familiar with these resources.To start the feed component at the server-side: access.