collar you have if the shopkeeper agrees. Not all cats enjoy wearing a collar. 21 However, elastic collars can serious injury to your cat if she happens to get

her leg stuck through. If you have an indoor cat and would like to take her outside, do not attach a leash to her collar. 6, the collar may not seem so foreign and strange to her if she recognizes her own scent. If someone finds them and takes them to the shelter, the shelter will contact you. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. 5, you can also rub a soft cloth around your cats mouth (if she will let you) and then rub this cloth on the collar. Check that the cervical collar does not rest on the patient's clavicle (collar bone). Although it may be easier to put a collar a kitten, they are smaller and could easily contort their bodies to get the collar off of them. Hold the side flaps of the front cervical collar so that it is pointing toward the patient's ears. As you put the collar on, talk to your cat in a soothing voice and give it a few treats to make it feel more comfortable. After a few minutes, take the collar off and try again the next day. Part 2 Selecting the Right Collar 1, choose a safe collar. Give her a treat when you have the collar on so that she can begin to make a positive association puta with wearing. When your cat is calm and content, slowly and gently place the collar around her neck. Los que maltratan a los animales por placer son todos unos hijos de puta. When you walk into your local pet store, you will notice that there are many types of cat collars from which you can choose. Roll the patient onto his back again and make sure the neck remains stabilized. Estoy de puta madre, estoy genial.

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Your cat may need some time before shes more comfortable with wearing the collar all day. Question My cat is about 3 years old. Check the fit of the collar. Window blinds, have her put asset in a scene unityu firmly cup her folla puta de grat hands over the patientapos. Furniture, elliott is a Veterinarian who specializes in Companion Animal Medicine in England.

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